Comcast is evil. Get a Roku box.


This is how I feel about Comcast

Cable is cancelled, effective immediately. I despise Comcast almost as much as I despise AT&T. Maybe even the same. Or more.  Not only do they have THE WORST web site and  customer service ever,  I just cannot justify paying a small fortune every month to watch a few channels. Sure, I will miss my Saturday mornings with HGTV and I’ll probably miss the food network. But today, we are happily welcoming our new Roku overlord into our home.

If you are like me, a year or so behind the times, here is the deal. Roku is an amazing little device that allows you to stream hundreds of channels to your TV, for free! Well, basically for free. The Roku is an initial investment of $89.99. Netflix is about $8.00 per month and we have a free Hulu account, for now. So, we can watch these channels, plus a ton more that we find for free on Examples:

Crackle: Free, full-length movies. Similar to netflix, but FREE!

Huff Post Live: Ahh, my guilty please. The Huffington Post. Great (and not so great) news stories. Free!

Ted Talks: Amazing talks given by amazing people. Free.

DogTV: OK, I haven’t checked this out yet, but it’s a channel to leave on for your dogs, while you are away. I’m completely serious. I might just have to try this. I mean, it says it is scientifically tested. It must be great.  Oh, did I mention? It’s Free!

OK, these are just a few channels of hundreds. HUNDREDS! NBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, Smithsonian, Indieflix, cooking shows, yoga, games and on and on.

If you are considering cutting your ties to the evil empire that is Comcast cable, just do it. Don’t worry, you can still be a couch potato with Roku…Just on your own terms. Win!

Watch out AT&T! You’re next up on the hit list.

EDIT: Ok, I just found out DogTV is $9.99 per month. So, until Dexter and Pixel start earning their keep, they will not be getting their own channel. Sorry pups!


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