Adventures in Frugality: Credit Card Debt Demolished!

WOO HOO! Free at last! Despite the setback of having our car broken into and paying out cash to replace THREE (!!) windows and Dave’s climbing shoes, we made our last payment to Sir Visa yesterday. God that feels good!

Of course right after I sent off the payment, the Check Engine light came on in the car…But for now, I celebrate!

Another fantastically positive thing this week…my shoulder is getting better! I see a return to climbing in my near future. I have so missed it!  I downloaded a simple program on my work computer called BIG STRETCH that reminds my every half hour to either drink water or get up and do my shoulder stretches. Such an easy fix and it has really done wonders. I’ve been worried that I was going to need surgery, but I’m feeling more hopeful about the situation now.

Now I need to find a program for my Mac.

Happy weekend!



8 responses to “Adventures in Frugality: Credit Card Debt Demolished!

  1. Great accomplishment! I remember paying off my Visa a few months ago, it felt great. I finally have started using it again being sure to pay it off each week. I think I went a few months not using it at all because I despised it so much.

    Are you bouldering in that picture? I’m really into hiking but have not gotten into climbing. Congrats again!

  2. Carrie, I love your blog! I have been pondering many of the same questions you are writing about. I have been working on paying off my student loans for what seems like forever. They are very patient, darn them. Congrats on healing your shoulder, and hope it regains full climbing functionality soon 🙂 Also, I enjoyed your entries on Vietnam.

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