On convincing myself that eating out is overrated

We had house guests this past weekend. Two old friends of the bf that make a ton of money and LOVE spending it. This is a scary thought for bf and I as we are in super frugal mode, as we claw our way out of debt. However, it turns out, these guys just wanted to spoil us for letting us stay at Casa Jones-Kimber. Well…OK, we’ll take it!

Friday night: The Kingfish Cafe, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA


Food: Soul food. We ordered fried chicken, mac n’cheese, cornbread, blackened salmon, fried green tomatoes, mint juleps and a piece of German chocolate cake the size of my head.

Price: Free for bf and I! Medium expensive for our guests. Uh…we drove though.

Review: I’ve been here before and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Super tasty, flavorful comfort food with huge portions. I ate leftover for two days after. Really crispy buttermilk fried chicken and perfectly cooked salmon over buttery mashed potatoes. Expensive for the style.($9 for a SIDE of mac n cheese!!) While the cake is usually great, the German chocolate cake this time was too dense and a little dry. (I can make it way better just using the Baker’s chocolate recipe.) Worth it for special occasions, for sure.

Saturday Night: Wild Ginger, Downtown, Seattle, WA


Food: NW Asian Fusion. We ordered satay, crab, papaya salad, sea bass and mussels, wine and cocktails.

Price: Free for bf and I! Very expensive for our guests. Ok, well we paid for parking.

Review: I’ve lived in Seattle for 13 years and have been hearing about Wild Ginger almost as long. It’s hugely popular and is right next to Benaroya Hall (Seattle Symphony), so plays to the swanky crowd. The sea bass (sustainable) and Cambodian mussels were good. Really good.  OK , the sea bass was heavenly. But everything else was just so-so. Decent satay, bland papaya salad and boring skinny crab.  In my opinion, this place is HUGELY overrated. Not worth the money, or, in our case, our friends’ money.

The point of this post: Since we’ve been on our frugal streak, we have cut back enormously on the amount we eat out. We are saving huge amounts of cash each month because of this. And sometimes it’s really, really boring. Seattle is a foodie’s heaven and there are new restaurants opening ALL the time. I would love to try them all. Sometimes I feel deprived.  But, I just can’t right now. I’m working toward that dreamy life when I have my debts paid and money in my pocket.  SO, it’s ok. It turns out that popular restaurants, like Wild Ginger,  can be overrated and at the end of the night, you just feel a little taken. Taken WITH tax and tip.  Besides, I’ve discovered a whole new domestic side of myself that truly enjoys cooking.  And I’m pretty damned good at it.  Or, at least,  that’s what the bf tells me.

So, from my humble little kitchen, a Costco beer toast to creative home cooking and future financial freedom. Salud!


4 responses to “On convincing myself that eating out is overrated

  1. This was really encouraging for me. I too am on a “spending fast” as I like to put it. I’m going on just a month now…but some days it’s just REALLY hard. Especially when I’ve been used to going out when I want. The most encouraging part is seeing the amount of money I’ve put towards paying off debt. And knowing that this time will not last forever..and then I can partake in foodie heaven over here in Kansas City–or I can be home. Glad you got a much needed break and got out in the city. I used to live in Seattle and I was super poor just out of college so I didn’t get to experience much. Jealous! Good luck on your continuing journey.

  2. How funny, my friend swore by Wild Ginger when I told him I was going to visit Seattle… we never tried it since I wanted to go lunch at the Space Needle (food is meh, though the views were amazing since it was August). I will have to try Kingfish next time we are there, thanks for the rec!

  3. Sometimes I try to convince myself that my home cooking is as good as a restaurant, but I know that’s not true… I still like to cook most days, so then when I do go out to a nice restaurant, I just appreciate it more.

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