On happiness and health


Your daily life is your temple and your religion. When you enter into it take with you your all.
Khalil Gibran

I had to take a week off. I was in sort of a mood I guess. That’s common for me. I was afraid that this blog would turn into a rant, when I really want it to be a positive expression of my goals and experiences. But the truth is…sometimes experiences aren’t so positive and goals are not met. Sometimes my mind takes weird twists and I get off track. And besides, it’s winter in Seattle and my mood plummets along with my vitamin D levels. And well,…my car was broken into and I had to spend a small fortune to replace three broken windows. That didn’t help The Mood. Sigh…

So here I am, back after a little internet vacation. The purpose of this was really two-fold. First, because, physically, my shoulder is jacked and is beginning to get stuck in a permanent “mousing” position. Computer work hurts and my poor wing needed a break. I haven’t been able to climb seriously in months because of this and it’s time to fix it. Physical therapy and pills have done all they can do. I really need to make a serious effort to get better so I don’t have to do injections or surgery.

Secondly, I found that I was spending too much time drooling over vacation destinations and early retirement and travel blogs and not really enjoying my own life. I was getting depressed about where I WASN’T, instead of having gratitude for where I am. Oh, don’t worry, I still plan on drooling and reporting back to you guys on any new info I find. However, I need to learn to balance planning for the future and living in the present. I have it good right now and I need to enjoy it.

So, this week, I’ve been doing some yoga for my shoulder, baking a little, and reading a ton. I got a Kindle for Christmas and have been finding a ton of free books on Amazon and through my public library. Right now, I’m reading a really, well, weird, mix of books…Walden, the Millionaire Next Door and Debt, the First 5000 years. I cannot believe I had never read Walden. It’s been a calming act to read it. Really good for my soul.

And today, instead of settling in for a long morning of internet surfing and coffee drinking, I had breakfast with a friend and took a long walk with her and the dogs. And you know what? I do feel better. And happier. Fresh air, friends and exercise can do amazing things. I know this. but sometimes need a little nudge in that direction.

Going forward, I’m going to focus on balance. Balance between activity and rest. Between thinking of the future and enjoying the present. Between my natural cynicism and the positivity with which I struggle. It doesn’t mean I won’t slip again. I surely will. But,  we get to choose how we feel each day physically and mentally. I need to remember that.

Today I choose peace of mind and a happy shoulder.

Happy weekend!


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